1. asdasdumum

    She does not need to shve her legs.

  2. kbeva

    you have to let your hair grow a bit in order to wax it..and each time you wax it ..there’s less hair and what’s left is usually very fine..

  3. gluten

    this is totally irrelevant, but she is holding a bottle of Kirkland Signature water… which comes from Costco wholesales or some crap.
    i bought a small bottle of this from some dumbass shop for $2.00(AUS) yesterday and felt totally ripped off…lol.
    yah, totally irrelevant, i know

  4. CakeSnifferer

    Big deal. She can start shaving if she wants. I guess the fact that anyone noticed is part of her 15 minutes before she scuttles back to her cabin in Russia.

  5. Silky_Johnson

    She could look like Chewbacca from the waist down for all I care.

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