1. Nice.

    I’d like to blast a sticky load on those tits!

  2. Frank The Duck

    Nice photoshopped body. Too bad about the face – yikes! Looks like Angelina Jolie’s ugly sister.. How did a commie get on the front of a red, white and blue magazine?

  3. topher4801

    It’s too bad that SI is going the way of Playboy and focusing on woman with fake breasts. I always thought SI was more into the natural woman. Oh well. Still some natural woman out there.

  4. Blah

    Jesus Christ, her face is terrifying.

  5. barkerman

    How long until Leo starts fucking her, too.

    The bastard.

  6. smile15

    She is GORGEOUS, whoever thinks that she is not is crazy . Such a charming creature. Russian girls are simply the best

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