1. Drew

    Oh is this an example of where photographers are starting to use CGI bodies because it costs less money than hiring actual models? Only people dumb enough to shop in that store would believe that’s Khloe’s body.

  2. Does anyone find it suspect that Khloe Kardashian can’t actually fit on the “life-size” Khloe Kardashian beach towel?

    • I’ve looked, and looked, and looked at this picture and I’m still not sure which one is supposed to be Khloe. Are we sure that’s not Kourtney on the left, Kim in the middle, and Selena Gomez on the right?

  3. juicyfruit

    who the hell would buy this shit?

  4. Famous Plastic

    WTF. I will never stay, gamble, or visit the Mirage hotel just for having such a ridiculously douchy store.

  5. Jenni

    what total @ hole would buy anything in this store?????

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