1. Jones

    I’d hit it. I’ve definitely done worse, just like most guys have.

  2. Dr. Hugh Jorgen

    When anthropologists David J. Daegling and Daniel O. Schmitt examined the film, they concluded it was impossible to conclusively determine if the subject in the film is nonhuman, and additionally argued the flaws in the studies by Krantz and others. They noted problems of uncertainties in subject and camera positions, camera movement, poor image quality, and artifacts of subject. They concluded: “Based on our analysis of gait and problems inherent in estimating subject dimensions, it is our opinion that it is not possible to evaluate the identity of the film subject with any confidence.”

  3. Vito

    Modrately attractive, and yes, fuckable. But I don’t think her feet are that big. And actually I prefer big tits to big feet.

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