1. Expert on Everything

    Ummmm, she looks ok to me. add the big phatty house, and all the $$$$$ she got and she’s smokin hot! after 8 kids and a douchetard, I’d think she would be like Messica Limpin, but this chick looks like she’s having a blast. I know I’m in heaven when I got the bikini goin, the sun tannin and whatever happiness my $$$$$ can deliver to me right at the pool. why do we hate this chick? at least we see HER jogging! cant fat ass J. Simp crack a sweat ever? Pig. snaps to my girl K. Goss : )

  2. Deano

    Call me crazy but I would do it.I not saying I would marry her or anything but she is way more doable than some of the skinny skanks running around out there.

  3. DogBoy

    Me too. Completely doable.

  4. oracle

    Makes me crazy that this moronic be-yotch who never really did anything except have a giant uterus and exploit the fact that the average American is brain dead and finds themselves amused and emotionally attached to her sad shit is actually RICH AND FAMOUS…..WTF?????

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