1. GeneralEmergency

    Ahhh….Skirt Steak.


  2. B-Ren

    Outrageous, I love Gaga

  3. Amorfismos

    She should try that look in Third World Countries

  4. ulyana

    ew…..i wonder how bad she smelled

  5. Harababura

    I think the dress is supposed to mock other female celebrities that resort to outlandish publicity stunts in the name of animal rights, vegetarianism, or world hunger.

  6. Eric

    I guess its time for a new Madonna, and she (Gaga) is it..

  7. Name

    Oh what the fuck ever, Tyra Banks already did the meat dress thing on Top Model.

    Her music is generic and she’s not outrageous and shocking, she’s just disgusting. The only good thing about Gaga was Alexander McQueen.

  8. dana

    crazy!! but i think she is trying to say no for eating meat….

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