1. An0nym0usM3ssage

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  2. @platinumprican We have not forgotten about you like you have forgotten the fact that your pregnancy news would eventually yield a child or your lies.

    2 Months ago, which is approximately 8.6 weeks ago, you posted a video titled “FINAL STRETCH: 37 WEEKS & ALITTLE ABOUT BIRTH HYPNOSIS!”

    Yet here we all are still waiting to catch a glimpse of your alleged child 45.6 weeks later.

    Everyone viewing this blog may not be rocket scientist, but we are educated enough to know that The gestation period of a human, from time of conception to birth is approximately 9 months (266 days/38 Weeks). 9.5 months is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period (280 days/40 Weeks).
    most full-term babies will come between 37-42 weeks.

    Ms Iliana Ketty Fischer, we checked with Sea World, Orlando and you are not one of the list of whales giving birth this year.

    We checked with the African Safari Zoos and again to our surprise you are not one of the elephants giving birth next year.

    Now you have proven to everyone watching this blog that you are a slimy, slithering, pathological liar. With this in mind we have sent word to our Anonymous brothers near the Swiss Alps.

    They looked high and low for an Alpine black salamander. That looks like you.

    An alpine black salamander is a viviparous amphibian which lives in the high altitude Swiss Alps. At altitudes above 4,600 feet, it’s gestation period can be up to 38 months. It bears two fully metamorphosed young.

    You must feel like the luckiest parent in the world to be able to stay pregnant long enough so that when you do give birth you can just throw the child out at his/her’s first day of kindergarten class.

    Ms Iliana Fischer how long are you going to keep up this masquerade, your friends all know you’re a liar.

    Your family knows you’re a liar. Yes we have obtained statements from Eric and your other family members ;)

    Your employers all think you’re a joke and a liar.

    The people visiting this blog were all on your side at the beginning feeling that they found some poor victim they can identify with.

    You should be abashed with yourself. All these women shared intimate personal emotions with you.

    Your mental disorder of self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish reality from fantasy is a smack to the face to the entire female species.

    Your only view of these women is your own extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of your own talents and a craving for admiration.

    The people who confided in you or those reading this blog have become victims of your falsifications, your lack of confidentiality and your lack of integrity.

    Ms Iliana Ketty Fischer you are a walking “Liar Paradox.” You portray to show genuine common beliefs about truth and falsity with others, and when they really get to know you with time your actions and your lies actually lead to a contradiction. Your rants and raves you construct cannot consistently be assigned a truth value.

    This is why We Anonymous exist in this world today. We exist to stop “Liar Paradox” from groups and individuals like you.

    The other people reading this blog may have a ligitimate claim against the this guy.

    You preyed upon their pain and suffering in order to create chaos within their already settled lives.

    To those of you reading this blof Ms Iliana Ketty Fischer called us (Anonymous) out. After ignoring her taunts we had no choice but to step in.

    We Anonymous are here for you now that Ms Iliana Ketty Fischer made fools of each and everyone of you.

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