1. Hugh Gentry

    i still would like to see her take some cock

  2. joho777

    I live near Calabasas, and the Marmelarde Cafe serve overpriced pretentious crap. If Britney wanted to taste her food, she should have gone into La Salsa instead.

    At least her bodyguards are still making sure her vulva are tucked in before she leaves the house. Everyone really appreciates that.

  3. Chris

    i still think she’s hot, i would do her day and night

  4. Yeah… ‘d still hit it.

  5. cheryl

    Britney looks seriously retarded. What is her problem? Does she ever do anything besides hang out & spend money? What a waste, she is.Thank God, Kevin got custody.

  6. Roger Moore

    I think she’s holding an invisible popsickle.

  7. hiya

    poor bitch, she must be pissed off that paparazzos follow her around 24/7… But then again, she likes the money she earned by exposing herself to the whole planet so, who s the real jerk here ?? LOL::: Britney this is what you wanted, be famous ! be a “start” being followed around, why do you complain now ? you don t like it anymore ?? LOL; you re fucked sweetheart, the only way to escape to this, is moving to saudi arabia, or kill yourself… Is not like you re a important person anyway ! you re fucked up in the head and can t even take care of yourself and your sons you certainly are a good source of income to your family, maybe that s why they keep you alive….. Have a nice day ! LOL bipolar bitch

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