1. BOBBO

    They are fake tattoos for a movie.

  2. Dammit

    Where are the ass pics!

  3. breadman311

    She is so beautiful but enough with the tattoos.

  4. Daryl G.

    Wow, she looks really bad without makeup artists. And she must have a terrible ass or something.

  5. ahhemmm

    she’s so the poor man’s Halli BerrY

  6. tod

    look at those saddle bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. IbdaJudge

    Just another homely skank when you see her with out all the make-up.

  8. Assman



    16 pics and no ass shots?


  9. This girls can travel form sublime to trashy and back so fast it’s dizzying. She’s like an inter-class teleporter.

  10. Jim

    That’s one ugly hottentot.

  11. Sorry but she looks hideous. I WOULD NOT tap that. No make up, no air brushing, looks like a junkie. Nothing special whatsover.

  12. i loled

    looks like a fatass frog-lady

  13. B

    Her tats are wack but she has a nice body and a cute face when she’s happy.

  14. jimbo

    She’s got thunder thighs like beyonce. Makes me wanna puke. What a strange body.

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