1. There’s nothing quite like a nice layer of body fat to warm & insulate as we go into winter.
    If you’re a bear that is, not a pop star.
    Looking sloppy. Fix that at once.

  2. nice try

    That is one tough outfit to pull off; It’s revealing, the lights aren’t forgiving, and she’s in strange poses where just about anyone’s skin folds and rolls in ways no one wants to see without the help of photo editing. Even with a 5 or 10lb gain it’d really show. I’m not a Gaga fan by any stretch but I’m willing to bet she still looks better than the girls 95% of you are bringing to bed.

  3. ike

    I would tap that four times. And I would much rather blow my load on a slightly doughy belly than on a Kelly Rippa six pack. You guys who say otherwise are full of shit and you know it. Or you’re gay; not that there is anything wrong with that.

  4. neta-lee

    Things like that made Romina Yan became anorectic
    And as we all know- the end was bad!!!
    Leave Lady Gaga alone! She is a queen no matter what!!!

  5. Avahleeen

    Wooooooow rlly ? “fix dat at once” ?
    Just cuz shes a star dun mean shes gatta be perfect, i bet she did dat on purose to portray a message to ppl.

    The hair needs to go tho, i will aadmit :S

  6. Lisa

    Wow, if this is considered fat it kind of makes me hate myself. She looks like me…only with bigger boobs.

  7. MonaLisaMoment

    Gaga is a bi-product of estrogen. Her increase in weight is a result of her body’s response to the female hormone. I think the curves are interesting. It looks pretty — but I believe women are only beautiful if they are healthy. She looks more NORMAL for a woman now. If you want to see her as a bag of bones then you are attracted to the an angular male physique.

  8. bleh

    MonaLisaMoment: are you saying she’s really a man?? If so, look up Stephanie Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga pre-fame.

  9. Rosie

    I luv her new look. She was way too skinny and sickly-looking before. Her head used to look too big, like a bobble head. I think she realized that she needed to be a good role model and not starve herself any more.

  10. Bianca

    I just think her panties are a couple of sized too small

  11. Jeffrey

    Bitch is ugly, no matter if she’s skinny or fat.

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