1. sam

    “Dorothy’s scarecrow called, he want’s his hair back.”

    There is nothing wrong with her body that couldn’t be fixed with some sensible wardrobe choices. But then if her clothes were sensible, she wouldn’t be Lady Gaga.

    (not even gonna think about saying “first”….)

  2. nicole

    you know, it’s pretty ignorant that you would call her pudgy – she is still really thin! She just looks NORMAL now!

    • Skinny


      Before commenting in the future, please set the cheeseburger aside before spewing such garbage. GaGa is not healthy like this, even if she looks normal. Normal just means everyone is fat.

      A healthy diet and plenty of exercise would tone her up and make her looking slim, trim, and healthy. Rolls of fat are never healthy.

      When are people going to understand this fitness thing? Being lean and toned should be normal, not classify someone as a super athlete.

      Skiiny, out.

  3. Jessesgirl

    I already know what Nicole looks like.

  4. Jim C.

    Just when you thought Elton John couldn’t look any gayer…

  5. E.D

    Lady Gaga NORMAL?????

    This bitch is supposed to be anything BUT normal. Besides, normal does not mean wearing clothing that is obviously too small for your rolls of fat.

    She’s a pop star, internationally famous, constantly in the limelight, she needs to take care of her body!!!!!! AND SHE IS FAILING MISERABLY!

  6. Sookie

    Its called hormones that make a woman retain water weight at a certain point in her cycle and probably a few late night fast food binges that have led to her putting on an extra 5-10 pounds. It can happen to anyone. And she is small to begin with (like 5’1) so the extra bloat/pounds are going to be more noticable then they would be on a woman who was taller.

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