1. Jimmy Bojangles


  2. ThatBitchFromTheGym

    *GASP*!! This has pretty much ruined my day :( Not that I want Gaga to have an eating disorder, it’s just that she’s supposed to be a “role model”, body-wise…do what ya gotta do.

    Still love her though

  3. Cock Dr

    I believe this is a classic display of “muffin top”.

  4. Jessesgirl

    Holy fuck, her muffin top is HUGE, HUGE HUGE. How can anyone say this isn’t fat?

  5. scooby

    Holy fuck. that is so disgusting.

  6. luis

    i’ll have a nice time with that oh yeah

  7. xoporcelaindollxo

    OMFG!!!!! i am soo upset right now. i have always envied gaga for how skinny she is. she was my proana super hero. im not saying shes fat but shes not as toned as she used to be. soo upsetting. she needs to realize shes too pudgy to wear next to nothing. cover that belly girlie!!!!

  8. actual male

    She is much sexier now – despite what other girls may think.

  9. Naty

    she would look better in another outfit!

  10. Kristen

    You people are fucking disgusting and the reason why eating disorders exist. She looks fine. Some people don;t like to starve and be miserable little cunts.. I was one of those absent minded idiot girls and weighed next to nothing. Now I am 126 pounds and I think I am going to enjoy a cupcake. apparently 126 pounds is obese to you idiots.

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