1. Adrian Barr


  2. Rosie Kate

    Even taking that god awful hair into consideration, still looks better than most American women.

  3. bros

    she is also known to have lupus, the treatment for which is usually steroids, which could explain her weight gain. the hospitalizations could have been for lupus-related issues where they basically told her to get on a treatment regimen and deal with the weight gain, or keep collapsing.

  4. Freber

    omg really? Again – does this stupid blog even try to determine when people are all about photoshopping??

  5. michiez

    god her face. fucking ugly. and that piss hair color.. thats what im more focused on then her flab.

  6. Gussy

    I think the leather (pvc?) bra and briefs are contributing to the floppy appearance, there’s defintly some mutant droopy muffin top going on. Perhaps she’s retaining water, too? Or dehydrated, her skin looks so unhealthy and slack. I wouldn’t call it fat, more like the result of drugs, poor skin care, more drugs etc.

    Those tattoos make her look really gross (as if the canary yellow hair and shrunken panties weren’t enough) She has nice facial features, I think. All the makeup kinda makes her look like a drag queen though.


      He/she, LADY GA GA, can’t fool me what he/she is! Hey, every other celebrity whore has been caught getting boned, on video & pics. Why not LADY GA GA? He/she’s is much a female as OBAMA a good pres……

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