1. gfgf

    this will haunt me

  2. Franksinatrastein

    She’s what we used to call a “broad…”

  3. UUUUK!!!

    Someone shoot her, she gives women a BAD name!!!!

  4. al12

    ughh give her a break, gaga’s pretty just not deathly thin like she used to be. i love gaga she’s the most awesome singer on earth:)

  5. Lisa

    Eh? She looks fine. So what she’s got a little more on the belly, she still looks hot. God forbid a woman be bigger then a size 4. Stupid Hollywood.

  6. dontlooknow

    Jeez, I don’t care about the gut, it’s that hair and makeup I can’t stand.

  7. Pooch

    Exactly :( Give the girl a break. Who’s weight doesn’t fluctuate? She’s awesome and gorgeous and looks absolutely fine.

  8. fart

    ugly ass foul scum of the earth skanky bitch, fuck gaga

  9. Me

    She is ugly as hell. Wait a couple of years… her face will melt will all that heavy make up and her hair will drop off, just as with naomi campbell.

  10. Willy Wonka

    Checking for crabs?

  11. pookiewookie

    Too fat to be wearing such trashy attire.

  12. Jim C.

    Think her Vag is coloured the same as her hair???

  13. hamster tits

    she simply looks bloated… probably getting her period.

  14. Kayono

    She’s bigger than Britney ever was. Don’t have the excuse of two kids either.

  15. chipoltespice

    I guess she called up Alejandro and he brought her a dozen pizza’s.

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