1. Just Cause

    Stop soaking your hair in cat piss.

  2. phoar

    Her eating disorder was described starving herself to LOSE WEIGHT before shows, then binging on junk food.

    Eating disorders include things like compulsive overeating, binging and purging.

    Sure she looks a little big, but I’m still willing to bet she is under 120 lb.

  3. Do_Freebird

    Remember, the heavier she is, the easier it is to get blown.

  4. Some dude

    Well, at least it’s not like she’s FAT, she just gained a few pounds. I’m sure she’ll get the body back really quickly. Easy come easy go.

  5. Duke Steele

    How do I spell that sound I make when I puke from looking at that?

  6. OverIt.

    Ok, I should preface this by saying that the excuse for music that comes out of this woman makes me cringe every time…HOWEVER…in regards to her physique, I think most of us would be thrilled to look like that. Yeah, the outfit is exceptionally unflattering, but the body is thin, muscular and quite frankly, below a normal weight.

    • anonymous

      I don’t see the “thin”. I don’t see the “muscular”, and I don’t see anything about these pics that suggest a “normal weight”. That said, I like her.

  7. Louise

    I think she looks good. It’s a really unflattering outfit. If she was wearing a longer top that covered her stomach, with the same underwear and hooker boots she would look 100% better.

  8. Janet Jackson

    We don’t need to sugarcoat this. She gained weight, it doesn’t look good and obviously she doesn’t care, at least in this photo. I’ll bet anything she’s doing it on purpose to SHOCK people. OMG can she go her whole life shocking people.

    Canada. Not the old Canada we used to be.

  9. Tommy Lee's Cock

    You owe me a new keyboard, you witty motha licka.

  10. wh00mp

    Honestly, who the fuck cares that she gained a few pounds? The outfit isn’t flattering but she still has a great body, it is not fat or heavy by any means.

  11. haspus

    if any of you saw her in a bar, you would hit that shit

  12. Dick

    I think she looks like a man. Here is a video of her when she was a deputy. She can be seen sitting in the police station during training.

  13. Rachell

    I seriously can’t be the only one who immediately thought of Dr. Rockso….

  14. ®ustymustdie

    Nice post douche. Now the kid really will go back to having an eating disorder.

  15. Valerie

    If you gain a few pounds, you don’t wear shit like that. Straight up.

  16. Cardinal Ximenez

    So obviously the new “get out of jail free” phrase these days with celebs is… “I nearly died from starving myself… so thats why I am fat now”.

    Snooki used that line.
    Now GagGag is being excused as well.

    Your out of shape. Get over it. Cover it up or work it off.

  17. -

    She’s definitely not fat. She’s in a perfect shape. -.-

  18. Hmmmmm

    Goo Goo, Ga-Ga

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