1. kate

    oh jesus christ.

  2. JessicaMarie

    i seriously just said the same thing to myself before i saw your comment.

    doesn’t she own fucking proper pants at least? leggings are NOT her friend.

  3. Old man in a filthy diaper

    She looks pretty hot to me. But then again, I am neither gay nor a fat, used up old whore like the “ladies” (hahahahahahahaha) on this site.
    Now excuse me, I gotta put on a fresh one. *faaaaaaaaaaaart* (liqueous)

  4. Supersuper

    This is like those teen mom’s… except with some talent…and yea, older.

  5. Art

    She had a photoshoot with W Magazine that day it’s a high fasion magazine which is why her hair looks very messy right there, i’m sure they had a lot of make up on her too so I guess she washed it all off afterwards and that’s why she looks like that.. Oh well, she’s making millions with her new show ‘The Voice’ now with it getting over 12million viewers each episode..

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