1. BklynGibbs

    Butter makes it better.

  2. skygirl

    her chin is in competition with reese witherspoon’s to see which can grow closest to… hmm not sure where yet…
    she has always had a big nose just hid it well with make up … just like jlo.
    the white eyeshadow makes her look creepy… oh well.. her wig has been heavy metal for months now.. hope she gets it together..

  3. Hootie

    So that’s where Heidi Montag’s original face went.

  4. miss polyglot

    That’s not Xtina. That’s Glenn Close.

  5. GingleJanglez

    sweet moses it looks like one of those witch costumes you can get at the halloween store.

  6. V

    God she looks AWFUL.

    She’s quickly approaching that singing Diva stage when the looks start going away forever and they don’t care. She’s gonna look like a white Aretha Franklin in 10 years, mark my words. Look at Mariah. That’s where she’s headed.

  7. It’s not aging – it’s what 99% of ‘hot’ celebrities look like without the makeup … or surgery … or lighting … or photoshopping).

    Welcome to Crushed Dreams, also known as Sobering Reality.

  8. HCK

    WARNING! This is what happens when you put your make-up on when you are either A) Drunk B) High or C) Both

  9. Wotwot

    I was wondering what ever happened to Hatchet Face from that movie Cry Baby!

  10. Meh

    Wow, she really needs to lay off the plastic surgery. She used to be so pretty and unique looking. Now she just looks weird and unnatural. Sad.

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