1. thatonehorneychick

    I dont know know this girl still can show her face in public after that picture russell brand released of her first getting up in the morning. its an illusion!! Its all lies!!

  2. MrsWrong

    Did her make-up artist put on Latina foundation?? Too bad they dont make hair-part concealer!

    • Chris

      For real. The hair part. I can’t not look at it and the paint line on her forehead.

    • Misana

      hahahhaaa… hair part concealer… so funny.

    • Wykinna

      OMG. Same thing happend to me like 2 weeks ago. My birfyoends frat was throwing this kick a$$ party of the century and everyone patiently waited and waited for Ke$ha to start the party and many hours later the sun came up and still no Ke$ha No one got to drink, dance, NOTHING. Thanks a lot Ke$ha!! At least she had the decency to text my boyfriend later the next day to say that she couldn’t come because she was having a 4 sum with 3OH!3 and britney spears in the back of her cah cah cah. Typical

  3. zilly

    Is that a mole on her chest? Ewww!

    • Me

      Did you just say “Ewwww!” over a “mole” (FRECKLE) on her chest?! So I take it you have no freckles, moles, sunspots, stretch marks, or cellulite, right?? Last I checked every person on earth pretty much has some kind of flaw… Wow. Maybe we should all just get every single imperfection and distinguishing feature removed and then we could all just call ourselves Heidi Montag, eh? I hated people like you in high school — and I’ll bet you hate yourself too!

    • Jovy

      Relax Me, zilly is simply Kirstie Alley in disguise.

  4. Donald Trump

    You know – with dark hair – she’s actually hot!

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