1. she could look a little happier for him. u can’t always be the center of attention

  2. still hit it

    even when the front yard is a amusement park…its still nice to play in the back yard

  3. sitin

    This Brand guy is a real wierd looking dude! Seems Looks loke he’s tried every drug there is!

  4. Donutz

    I hate that sonovabitch, burn him with fire and bring me his fair lady, do it by nightfall and I will double the reward! Now off with you, I have business to attend to!!

  5. Anyone marrying into a batshit crazy christian family who isn’t themselves a batshit crazy christian is in for a big wakeup call.

  6. J.R.

    “See? She’s got a little extra all over.”

  7. Devilsrain

    “Take your stinkin paws off me you damn dirty ape “

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