1. nonW00t

    die already

  2. theresa patterson

    leave her alone,you bunch of losers,she is just a kid,and as long as she is out there,you have something to do,you poor lonely assholes,get a life and leave her alone,how about something for her that might help her,instead of saying things like your saying.lindsay,you have to want to get clean for you,not the courts or your stupid fans,god bless you and your family,i pray that you find something to help you focus,and then you can party in moderation,your a beautiful young lady,i got my strenth from my children,who had only me to count on,then i fail back,but now i have grandchildren so i have got my strenght back again,dr,drew has a great system,i wish i had the money so i could have someone very dear to me,get help from him,he is a very smart good person,let him help he is great,theresa patterson, good luck and god bless,your honor cant you please send her to dr drew,she needs help from him i think she will take it,jail is no answer,look what it did for all the stars,nothing,people go in,then come out worse then ever,you learn to not look at any one,and try not to be beat-up or raped,what kind of help is that?i mean come on now-if any onr person cared,is this good therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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