1. april

    best caption ever.

  2. jay

    I wish this bitch, and every other famewhore like her, would just get it over with already and overdose herself to death. This talentless, useless sack of shit is a living, breathing waste of flesh and resources. There are people in this world who don’t even have access to clean water to drink, food to eat, and who can’t go to sleep at night without fear that they and their children won’t wake up in the morning. This bitch squanders every chance and every dollar she has been given, and has the nerve to turn around and blow coke up her nose like it’s all just a big fucking joke. Take every dollar she, and every other spoiled rotten Hollywood famewhore has, and give it to someone who could really use it to, you know, SURVIVE. Those people don’t want cocaine and limousines, they just want a fucking drink of water!!! Why should they die, while this dirty bitch pouts in front of a camera about how bad life treats her? Let her rot. Her, and Paris Hilton, and Heidi Montag, and Snooki, and every other useless waste of millions of dollars. Shame on every single one of us who pays any attention. And we wonder why terrorists hate us so fucking much…Look at these mindless morons who represent us. While people over on the other side of the world have to fight and struggle every day to survive, over here in America, we have a useless mass of idiots all trying to be rich and famous, all trying to be the next reality TV star. These idiots don’t even see how good they have it. And when the rest of the world sees that shit, they assume that the entire country must be that way. To them, we are uselss, wasteful, lazy, stupid, selfish, and ungrateful for anything we have. I hate to say it, but, if we took a good long look in the mirror…are they all that wrong?

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