1. I am always petrified to click on the VIEW FULL SIZE links whenever there is a Kardashian post. Afraid my PC will explode and shoot sparks across the room.

  2. Mike Walker

    Why the Celine Dion face?

  3. toopier

    The American Yorkshire Pig (a/k/a the English Large White Pig) is know for it’s muscular build, ruggedness, and advanced backfat formation. Some are kept indoors, but due to their large size and destructive tendencies, they typically need to be moved into an outdoor pen as they grow older.

  4. RHawk

    The hair says wookie. The body and the face say Ms. Piggy.

  5. Dishhonor

    Wow she resembles one of the Vogon’s from a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.. Just paint her green!

  6. Olivia

    Howe rude ! Leave Khloe wear whatever she wants! I think she looks beautiful, she has such a nice heart and how dare you pick on her for her looks! You people have no heart. You go Khloe!!!

  7. becky g

    I love that color on her!

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