1. The_Audacity

    Planking is officially no longer funny.

  2. Laluni

    Talking him into it: “Ready for your diaper change, Heffy?”

  3. DarkDeathRay

    That’s not “planking”! Somebody get the paddles from the glass container on the wall! Shot of adrenaline ready! Clear! *bzzzapp*

  4. HefsMom

    Planking is all he has left. Its obvious there is NO SEX going on with him….at least this way he gets a nap.

  5. GuyLeDouche

    Shagged. To. Death.

  6. GuyLeDouche

    Hugh Hefner: Gay smorgasbord.

  7. New Guy

    Check his pulse! Call an ambulance! Call 911! Oh wait, nevermind. Hef just decided to partake in the least funny craze to ever hit the internet. Carry on.

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Now I finally know what it looks like when someone’s rolling in their grave

  9. barbosa

    I would like to walk that plank and, to achieve optimal height, use his head as a springboard

  10. Turk

    Warning: Viagra may cause stiffness throughout the whole body (except the penis) in men over 116.

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