1. JANE

    Should i throw up now or later? that anorexic one looks like shes 57

  2. Another round of “spot the tuck-job”.

  3. DM

    Big girl is busting out everywhere..Look at those Sasquatch feet trying to escape!

  4. Soupofdefish

    Yep, Amazon, Addict…

  5. The corpse on the right looks downright repugnant. You know apocalypse is near when half-dead crackheads become sex symbols and nobody bats an eye.

  6. seals

    Even with massive bazongas, they should have turned that stomach away at the door

  7. Dingleberry

    Does the girl in the middle look like Eva Amurri to anyone else?

    • OMG it’s totally her!!!
      And the guy in the back is Alexander Skarsgard!
      And the two other girls are Kristin Chenoweth and Blake Lively ZOMGOMGOMG!!!

  8. Facebook Me

    Now here they took a photo of the chicks past their prime to even be allowed at the Mansion. The girl in the middle must’ve already knew that, hence the reason why her “outfit” came from the bargain rack at the discount store. The girl on the right is sporting a wig from the Halloween Store and the chick to the left could pass for “mary” Hef’s personal assistant.

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