1. JANE

    ok seriously the one in the middle isnt so bad, but the other 2 are absolutely atrocious in every way possible!!

    • Morgan

      Have you ever seen a woman before? Most of them actually look worse than this. You must live a pretty hate-filled life if you think those girls are atrocious.

      • Jillia

        Look, I’m all for defending women just because they don’t have DD’s and a 23″ waist. But these are playboy bunnies. They’re SUPPOSED to be way above the standards of a normal woman. That’s the point. They’re SUPPOSED to be smoking hot. I’m sorry but for a playboy party they look like they came from the dollar bin.

  2. Susy

    Don’t they look like the last 3?

  3. Soupofdefish

    WTF, Heff you let those two in?

  4. D-chi

    I would wear that blue bra. Everywhere. With other clothes, but still.

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