1. Truk

    Five years from now this chick will be banging some black dude in front of a video camera.

  2. Cock Dr

    Hef is taking too much Viagra. Why marry this little blonde hustler?

  3. When I think of Hugh Hefner, I think of how he put Marilyn Monroe on the first cover of his then – exploitative, predatory, using females as objects magazine, also called Playboy.
    And then what happened to Marilyn Monroe…
    It was not in Marilyn Monroe’s best interest to be on that cover. Ms. Monroe already had massive national attention already.
    And how Hefner talked that motherless, fatherless, insecure, giant-hearted starlet Monroe to be the sacrificial lamb for his own greed and notoriety is only known to him.
    Ms. Monroe had to live that cover down for the rest of her shortened life.
    At least Hefner is getting married, and not parading around with a harem of ex-stripper Kendras anymore.
    That’s somewhat more gentlemanly.

  4. Mrs. Turner

    Holly was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy prettier

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