1. I’ll pass, thanks!

  2. lollopop

    Oh man! I hope that doesn’t ever happen to me

  3. hahahah jesus Christ, pig hooves much?

  4. Bane

    Her little toe is bigger than my big toe.

  5. When did Porky The Pig wear flip flops?

  6. This little piggy had roast beef…and fried chicken, and gravy…

  7. anonymous

    Black people do love them pig’s feet. Put some hot sauce on ‘em.

  8. These sausages are about to burst!

  9. Sara you dont care

    you guys are so fucking mean, included women. you have no idea what is like to be pregnant. seriosly, you better shut up. that is just because is she Kim kardashian?

  10. gumbypokey

    She ain’t gona’ hold cap’n!

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