1. Hugh Gentry

    I’ve always said I totally want to bone her

  2. Woofus

    I hate to say it but she looks amazing here.

    And she had a C section, both portals are still intact boys!

  3. burton

    she had a c section you idiots…do you honestly think they would let anyone pass out 6 kids from the vagina…get a brain.

  4. Guy

    Please put a side by side pic of when she had brown hair and was 9 months preggers next to that photo.

  5. Rachell

    heh it just goes to show that anyone can look good when they have an army of make up artists and hairstylists.

  6. Bored with life

    Why won’t this bitch just fucking die???

  7. i couldnt resist any more…. why do any of you make serious statements on this site anyway…. its all non sense, so stupid comments only please. the smartest retards are still retards people….

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