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I Guess Victoria Justice’s Cleavage Got Hacked Too

I like to imagine that the hackers that got to Victoria Justice’s Twitter are the ones that hang out in a big warehouse full of blinky shit drinking neon milkshakes and playing arcade games… basically they live at Dave N’ Busters. More »

The New Blade Runner Trailer Looks Rad

Just take my money already, jeeeezz! More »

Khloe Terae and Kennedy Summers Doing Bikini Things

Also someone at USC can’t spell, Marky Mark makes more money than The Rock now, and Katy Perry refuses to admit she’s still riding the ‘Bloomstick’. More »

Tommy Lee And His GF Bang Everywhere? No Way!

This is Tommy Lee we’re talking about here, is anyone that surprised? More »

Chrissy Teigen Says She’s Going to Lay Off The Sauce

Let’s see how this pans out… More »

Victoria’s Secret Casting Call Photos: Let’s Crush Some Dreams

Will she make the cut? You decide… More »

Paris Hilton Still Thinks She’s A Real DJ

Apparently Paris skipped the whole “knowing how to mix properly” and “having good taste in music” thing that is usually standard for DJs… More »

Don’t Call Richard Simmons A Woman, He’ll Get Mad

Apparently he’s really touchy about tabloids’ claims that he has been transitioning to become a woman. More »

Jay-Z Still Won’t Admit He Banged Rihanna In 2014

Solange is removing her high heels and waiting for him in the elevator as we speak… More »

What’s In Ben Affleck’s Box?

Ah, for crissakes what’s in the box, Ben – WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!?? More »

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