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Real Life Badasses Are Calling Dan Bilzerian a Pussy

Wannabe tough guy and stripper connoisseur Dan Bilzerian is getting backlash for acting like a bitch during the Vegas shooting. He kind of deserves it. More »

Someone Is Farting on Lamar Odom’s Lap

Could this be his new girlfriend?? More »

Ah Shit, We’re Losing Tom Petty

Tom Petty just died. God damn it… today sucks. More »

Amber Rose Did Her SlutWalk Thing Again

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna went on a walk this past weekend… for sluts. More »

CJ Franco Slips A Nip

It’s not really a slip actually, it’s more of a “this thing is just falling out.” More »

Live Near Vegas? Here’s Where You Can Donate Blood

Over 400 people were injured last night by an asshole with a machine gun in Las Vegas. If you’re in that area, here’s how you can help those who didn’t fucking die. Holy shit, I’m pissed. More »

‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist Fighting an Invisible Bad Guy

These pictures are kind of like a clickable flip book where she uppercuts a CGI bad guy without messing up her hair. It’s very impressive. More »

Emily Ratajkowski Has Very Special Breasts

Instead of objectifying Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts, I like to recognize them as sentient beings that dictate all of her career moves and order her food at restaurants. More »

Kourtney Kardashian Impressed by Boyfriend’s High Score on Flappy Bird

“Younes if you don’t put that phone away you’re not getting any cotton candy at the soccer game later.”

**Younes lets out an ear-piercing shriek and starts crying** More »

Never Forget That Russell Crowe Wrote a Serious Song About the Missionary Position

Russell Crowe is still touring with his oxymoronic band “Indoor Garden Party” and rippin up the progressive dad-rock charts. More »

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