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Idiots are Pissed Off at Bryan Cranston

Folks are actually writing Bryan Cranston off completely for being a logical dude. More »

‘Paper Magazine’ Tries to “Break the Internet” With Nicki Minaj’s Booty Ass

Well it’s no Kim Kardashian full frontal from 2014, but I guess a picture of Nicki Minaj licking her own vagina is going to have to suffice this time around. More »

Charles Bronson’s Wedding Photos are Just Lovely

That woman finally married Charles Bronson, Britain’s most dangerous inmate, and their wedding was just as weird as you’d expect… More »

This Duggarfucker Is Begging for Money After TLC Fired Him

Just after getting the axe from TLC, he started a GoFundMe to travel the world and help people pray their gay away. More »

Phoebe Price Gets Inappropriate With a Turkey

Phoebe Price proves once again that she is the perfect incarnation of “Stripper Ms. Frizzle” from Magic School Bus. More »

Let’s Check In With Kanye and Kim’s Handmaid

“Kanye, did you make sure she had food before we left for France?”

“Uhhhhh…” More »

That’s Cute, ‘Justice League’ Had a Red Carpet Premiere

Bless their hearts, Justice League had a premiere in Hollywood last night (yes, I put extra pictures of Gal Gadot in here). More »

Tom Sizemore Fastidiously Fingered for Fondling a Female in 2003

Sizemore is being called out for shoving his finger into an 11-year-old actress, thus giving his book By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There a completely new meaning… More »

People Wearing Weird Shit at the MTV EMAs

Jared Leto was dressed like Willy Wonka training for a boxing match, Demi Lovato skipped a shirt completely, and Rita Ora showed up in just a bathrobe… Euro-style is so CrAzY! More »

LeBron James Tried to Bang This Lady (SPOILER: It’s Not His Wife)

If you were LeBron James and wanted to learn to hunt deer, what would be the first place you’d go? If you answered “this woman’s DM inbox,” then you just earned yourself a Fresca. More »

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