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Lord Disick Staged These Photos of Himself and Sofia Richie in Italy

What do you call Scott Disick sitting in a gondola?

A douche canoe. More »

Joanna Krupa Didn’t “Slam” Lazy People

But she does think she’s better than them… More »

Joe Jonas is Marrying Sophie Turner

The middle Jonas brother and Sansa Stark are engaged. Has anyone unearthed Joe’s purity ring and put it on eBay yet? More »

Myla Dalbesio’s Topless Mermaid Photoshoot

She’s either going for a mermaid vibe or about to reenact that shot from ‘Free Willy’ where the whale jumps over the rocks… More »

Chris Hemsworth’s Man Meat Washes Ashore on a Beach

Chris Hemsworth shirtless on a beach fills our mancandy quota for the week and yes… you can absolutely see his penis through his wet pants. More »

Today’s Video of Ariel Winter Flexing Her Butt

Another day, another chance for Ariel Winter to remind everyone that she has butt cheeks that jiggle when she walks. More »

Bjork Was Sexually Harassed by Danish Director

Just to clarify, this was a Danish director — not Harvey Weinstein with a danish. More »

Weekend Vibes Brought to You By: Daisy Lea AKA Mrs. Hands

Ever wondered what it looks like when a Playmate goes bareback for the sake of art? More »

Guy Fieri Brings Flavortown to Cali Fire Victims

“Nothing cures the blues of losing your house in a wildfire like a some trashcan nachos and hog heaven hoagies!”

… but seriously he’s done something highly commendable here. More »

New ‘Stranger Things 2′ Trailer Has Me Cancelling My Halloween Plans

Stranger Things 2: This Halloween’s official excuse to not go out because your costume sucks. More »

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