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Good Morning! Joanna Krupa Is Pretend Naked Again

Dear Joanna, wearing something like this to a TGI Friday’s will not score you free apps – but you’ll definitely find a couple sad, married guys at the bar to buy you a round of raspberry LIT’s. More »

Shh! Ricky Martin Is Acting!

Do not interrupt Rico’s process! He is in love with a zombie boy and he does not care who knows it! *snaps fingers and throws ass out* More »

Lana Del Rey Is Probably Banging G-Eazy

If the paps catch you together three times in the same week, the basic rule of thumb is to just assume you’re going to smashtown. More »

Joanna Krupa’s Side Boob Is Totally Not A Paparazzi Coincidence

Whaat!? She broke it off with her reality TV husband and now the pap plugs are flooding pictures of her doing menial shit!? No wayyyy! More »

Never Cook Food for Sean Combs (He Might Show You His Diddy)

If you’re going to be a private chef for an OG hip hop mogul- you’re bound to see some shit… More »

The New Mother’s Day Skittles Commercial Is Giving People The Willies

Skittles has been vibing on surrealist ads for a while now, everyone needs to cool their jets and grab an ice cold Fresca or something. More »

Noah Cyrus Did a Thing at The MTV Movie Show Award Thing

Is that dancer taking a selfie as part of the routine? This is about as hardcore as the bad guys’ hangout from the live-action Ninja Turtles movie. More »

Christiana Cinn Sprays Sticky Stuff Everywhere

I’ve never been to Vegas, but I imagine every pool party is just like this… a bunch of old guys paying $65 to hang out with strippers and drink Bud Lite Lime. More »

Please Don’t Let Harry Styles Ruin This Movie

Usually the teen-pop idol crossover into acting doesn’t go- wait… did they just crush him with a boat? THEY CRUSHED HIM WITH A BOAT!! More »

Video of A Porn Star Getting Bit By A Shark

This is the most recklessly American thing I’ve ever seen and I’m really conflicted on how I feel about it. More »

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