1. Deacon Jones

    Oh good, we can make comments on sponsored posts now.

    Well *ahem*, I believe the Goddess Kim should definitely be in this movie. She can be cast to hell, and get raped for all eternity by a horde of demons that have penises coming out of their bodies everywhere, like those crazy Japanese anime cartoons.

    And once a day, all of the sewage waste from Greece will be drop down a giant hole onto her while she’s chained to a stone platform and all the minions of hell will watch behind chain-linked fences and will be drinking beers and placing bets on how many times she pukes.

  2. Dennis

    Got it completely wrong. Gaia is the Goddess of Fertility.

    Kim is just a goddess of fertilizer.

  3. Dox

    Fucking really?
    You would insult the entire concept of Gaia by choosing the single most repugnant, plastic filled, douche bag in the entire history of women?

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