1. This gallery gives me a newfound respect for Kim K conspiring to get famous by having Ray J pee on her. Yes, that was famewhorery, but it was honest famewhorery. It’s who she is, and at the end of the day, famewhore is as famewhore does.

    After this gallery, Kanye West is going to throw this site on the back of his motorcycle, fuck it silly and make a video about it.

    • That came out weird. My point was this: I didn’t think it was possible for a site that trucks in dick jokes and bikini pics to lose its integrity – I didn’t think it had any integrity to lose – but I was wrong, and this gallery proves it. Unironically doing a sponsored post that equates Kim K to the earth goddess? Trying to re-inject a little snark into the end of the Selena Gomez pic? I feel like my intelligence hasn’t just been insulted – it’s been raped, beaten and left for dead.

      This is as bad as anything this site has mocked Kim K for doing. It gives me newfound respect…(carry on, earlier me)….

      • If it helps, I didn’t write any of this. Someone paid to have it placed here (think of it as just another ad because it is) which is a decision made way over my head. I just do the dick jokes, tits and occasional political rant that makes people say, “Hey, how about those tits again?”

      • You need to go to your bosses at Celebbuzz and tell them: “You’re destroying the purity of my work.” And when they get done rolling around on the floor laughing, provide them with a quick overview of the history of journalism and why there were traditionally ironclad separations between editorial and advertising. By this point, they’ll be so incapacitated with tears of laughter, you can get them to sign a quit-claim deed to the site over to you for $1 (they won’t be able to see what they’re signing through all the waterworks), and then you’ll get to keep all the ad revenue for yourself and make sure sappy crap like this never again interferes with our feeling of superiority towards asshat celebrities.

        And as your pro bono business coach, I expect extra-special commenter privilege for all time and invitations to your beach house in Barbados. Yes, I’m free for Thanksgiving in 2014.

  2. Dox

    I don’t remember Hades being a Pedophile.

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