1. Grossest Butt Ever

    Grossest Butt Ever. Seriously. What is up with the gross butt we have here.

  2. rough's goop du jour

    Hey listen she’s no dutchess of anything, so if you’re going to pass on that because there s canned cheese on the thighs youll never get laid. Same goes for moles as well…

  3. oh i know

    she is a victim of awkward angles here, she looks like a healthy, average size young lady!

  4. Ri-i-i-i-i-ight

    No, seriously. Take a closer look.

    That’s not a butt.
    That’s a problem.

  5. Candy Barr

    She needs to work out with her husband. Has gone from fab to flab quickly . . .

  6. Ponkur

    Looks better from the front.

  7. dude_on

    She is still a 10 in the dark.

  8. TealMe

    Finally a picture that’s not photo shoped, ever girl has atleast some cottage cheese on her legs. I think she looks, heathly plus its just a bad angle If we didn’t have photoshop & touch ups out there we’d see more of this.. NORMAL AVERAGE GIRLS .. not like the fake photoshop one you see in mags.

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