1. Jon

    I think her body is hot, just how I like em.

  2. Dank

    Rectangular body or not, i would fuck her eight ways to Sunday. Her ass is awesome! Nice boobs too.

  3. Beefarino

    Love the post-Disney boobs.

  4. Curious Troll

    @the superficial, I thought people could only choose to be fat or slim; I had no idea one could choose their body type! Good to know. I will now go back in time before I was born and select the appropriate genes to fulfill social conventions.

  5. Ponkur

    I likes ‘em thick!

  6. toopier

    Hilary Duff is like Ikea furniture. All of the parts are there. They can both technically perform the function for which they are designed, but they both just make you want to take them apart, so you can put them together the right way.

  7. Renata

    she’s hot. she’s beautiful and she’s funny. i like her. my humild girl opinion.

  8. Tracy

    she looks great. shame on you for trashing a perfectly healthy body. i suppose all of us should strive to look like emaciated Skeletors with concrete tits and fake orange tans, to look more like the grotesque standard that’s now considered ‘normal.’

    • toopier

      ummmm…that’s what she looks like AFTER the plastic surgery, horse teeth veneers, personal trainer and tanning booth!

      • Noel

        bullSHIT. when you get paid millions of dollars to look good, you damn well better do your job and do it right. she’s let herself go. she’s far too young and privileged to be this chunky.

      • Troll

        To be fair she’s not even working anymore, what’s the problem?

  9. deadpool2099

    is that a hint of a tat above her snatch? I wonder what it says.

  10. socool

    this broad is gonna be so fat in about 10 years. She has all the tell-tale signs of a chick just ready to let it go.

  11. 603-Mike Canada

    Usually, nice boobs, plus awesome ass too.

  12. Rachel

    Looks like she needs to work out.

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