1. blah

    She barely has boobs.

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      She HAD no boobs. Those are implants. They’re a good size for her body. You must watch a lot of porn.

  2. DeucePickle

    Wrong. I’ve been with “barely boobs” before, trust me, Hillary’s are way bigger.
    When you have to try to take other skin to mash together to make a boob, THAT’s barely boobs.

  3. My Left Nut

    Tryin’ to get some sun on the ol’ vajajay?

  4. SIN

    Like Justin Timberlake said to Mila Kunis….They’re still breast.

  5. I’m not even trying to be funny when I say that is by far the sexiest rectangle I’ve ever seen.

  6. Derek

    Great angle. Smokin’ body. Would smash. Hard.

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