1. Nope. Not a nipple. I’m vaguely familiar with the female body. That’s just a weird shadow caused by her flexing muscle.

  2. PtC

    …and no, that’s clearly not her nipple popping out. How many times have you called out a nipple slip that wasn’t even remotely close to a nipple? I mean, seriously, have you guys ever seen an actual naked woman? Or know where on a breast a nipple is actually located?

    • Katie

      Lol… I’m a woman, it looks like a nipple to me. But it is hard to tell… also her butt looks bony here :P

      • PtC

        Because she’s upside down her breasts are pushing against the muscle there. All you’re seeing is the dip between that muscle, the top of her breast, and her armpit.

  3. The Pope

    No, no, he said “knee-pull”, not nipple.

  4. They’re calling areolas, Fish, not nipples.

  5. MonkeyBrain

    No no no… Didn’t you learn anything from Jennifer Lawrence? That’s her armpit vagina!

  6. Jenn

    I’m thinking that’s not her nipple. It’s a shadow from a titty wrinkle from hanging upside down.

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