1. Cock Dr

    The pants stayed on. Why couldn’t the pants have stayed on when he was screwing around with Ms Piggley Wiggley?

  2. Throjo

    Probably searching for his dignity. He should check back at the clothing store.

  3. jamminose

    Is that a tail? or just a huge dingleberry.

  4. rose

    you all people should mind your bussiness,he loves her you probably single yourself.lol

  5. rose

    you should mind you alls manner and stop looking at his behind,hes a good father and loves her even though she put alot of anger toward him

  6. rose

    amber didnt mean it like that but u know he loves and adores your baby-girl,i really love watching you guys,you need to stop getting into trouble u are better than that…and you know gary loves u alot, take care……

  7. rose

    people out there dont HATE…..

  8. Pants falling

    How those pants even stay up while walking or sitting ? I probably would not dare to wear such pants, at least not outside of my home.

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