1. Um, does he have a tail?

  2. poorlola

    If he knew he had a dirty vagina in his ass he probably shouldn’t have worn low-rise jeans…

  3. Hah

    It’s not a tail, it’s Pilonidal Sinus! It’s an ingrown hair basically, very painful (& common, more amongst women) I should know I had it & I got a WAY bigger scar than this guy! You need an operation to get rid of it! Looks like his has come back though! LOL!

    • A pilonidal sinus is not an ingrown hair. It’s the result of a pilonidal cyst. Also, it looks like the scar from a excision of a sinus, not a sinus itself.

  4. Dee

    It’s a Pilonidal Sinus for sure. Man, those things stink!

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