1. DogBoy

    Yeah well…. Old Numbnuts here coulda drawn ScarJo’s character in a see-through nightie with no panties if he wanted. But he didn’t.

  2. Kabe

    He was a writer, not an artist, Dawg

  3. Kabe

    Yes, i was a geek

  4. DC Supreme

    Hugh Hefner wished he was as pimp as Stan Lee.


    This old fart rides on the coat tails of others like Kirby and Ditko.
    nuff said.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  6. luciddreamer99

    It certainly would have been cool for Kirby to have seen all these movies and/or get more credit for them. X-Men is more a product of Lee’s editorial influence than writing to me: X-Men really developed into what it is after he was no longer writing it. I think the Avengers as they are today is firmly entrenched to Lee and Kirby’s creation and credit, though…

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