1. Sin

    Now if he dressed that way in San Francisco he would fit right in.

  2. Jonus

    I do believe you missed tagging Mark/Bruce Ruffalo/Banner, but he does look very plain so it’s understandable.

  3. Donutz

    Now why the fuck couldn’t they do that “Scaley Thing” from Thors sleeves with Captain Americas Costume? I mean that’s how it looks in the fucking comics!! Not to mention he doesn’t look like he weighs in at 160lbs in the Comics either… looks more 250+lbs of pure fucking American Muscle!!!

    • Raymundo McHorseradish

      I know right? He looks fucken weak as piss now, the original costume was, for the most part, chain-mail, that fabric looks shit. And i don’t give a fuck about what Scarlet’s wearing, same generic”special ops” crap. Caps mask makes him look like a baby, Ruffalo looks fucking homeless, Hawkeye from the neck down looks okay but his squishy cabbage patch doll face is not hero-ish at all. At least Thor looks good, and i’m glad to see they didn’t do the bad bleach job on his beard and eyebrows like the first. also good that Iron-Man will have the circle RT in his chest.

  4. luciddreamer99

    I’m looking at these almost hoping they do cgi costumes ’cause that might actually look better than these. These costumes do not inspire hope (besides the Black Widow’s which inspires other things), though the Thor one is not that bad.

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