1. Cock Dr

    I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for this……and that explanation is probably an addiction to street drugs.
    Not smart to mess with the poppy product or Bolivian marching powder. There’s no quality control; you don’t know what the fuck you’re actually snorting up.

  2. Rickster

    He’s writting his number down to a fellow addict,,, One member helping another,,,

  3. Treomme

    he’s just buying katy perry’s dried breast milk, nothing unusual.

  4. cheryl

    That’s paper. He’s not relapsing.

  5. Bonkus

    That’s not the delivery method for any drugs I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve purchased allllll sorts. You dont pass anything in wadded up paper.

  6. Wellyouknow

    Bullllllllshit, Bonkus… No disrespect, mate… but anything, um, rocky can and often is transported via wadded paper. I’ve seen it done. More than I care to admit.

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