1. beauty

    OMG! She always wear the same shoes!

  2. mandy

    she has man’s face

  3. JC

    $10 seems a little steep for an animal that homely. Do you have any black labs with hip dysplasia on special?

  4. hrm

    is she trying to make it seem like that’s the cage she “fit” in? because the door is in the wrong place…

  5. Sketchy Grandpa

    10 AMERICAN DOLLARS? My good sir that is outrageously absurd considering she has already smashed in the roof with her enormous caboose!

  6. Cunt

    2004 called, it wants it’s outfit back.

  7. HOT!!!

    Man shes hot. It always makes me laugh when people say mean things about celebrities just because they better than the people making the mean comments.

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