1. steV0dd

    I’m not sure this is what her dad meant when he said “cage match”.

  2. Jeremy

    first …. I dont care what any of you say … she is smokin hotttt

  3. Double D

    She just needs a bone.

  4. emar

    How did she even fit in that? She’s like the next Criss Angel. It’s a mind-bending feat of proportions and photoshop.

  5. I’d do her. In the butt.

  6. chev70

    What’s Hulk doing there? He’s supposed to be in London twatting bad dudes.

  7. Joe

    Despite all the make-up, she is still just a man in a cage.

  8. EdgarAllenPoop

    Interesting choice to airbrush out his cock.

  9. bob

    This dude’s got pretty nice tits

  10. Don

    I’m not gay, but he’s hot. Almost as hot as Alanna Starr. Not that I would know anything about trannies.

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