1. O'chunt

    The photo is actually an animated one, but in very very very slow motion.

  2. Snakebitereport

    Costume designer: So Heir Snyder, what are you thinking about for the costume?
    Zach Snyder: Oh I don’t know, red… blue… I got it!
    Costume designer: You do, oh magnificent one?
    Zach Snyder: Call Sony, I bet they have a shitload of Toby Maguire’s old Spider-man costumes. Grab a few, put an ‘S’ over that silly spider and sew a red cape on it! DONE!
    Costume designer: You are the smartest man in show business!
    Zach Snyder: I know, haven’t you seen “Sucker Punch” or my movie with talking owls?
    Christopher Nolan: So, what did I miss?

  3. joe

    he looks more like bizzaro… this aint no superman material!

  4. alleycat

    I mean really another sequel with all new characters!!! This isn’t part two this is a new movie!

  5. Mat

    I personally do not like the new of Superman.I think the colros look almost menacing. I also think the new costume looks rather like they are trying to make Superman metrosexual. Personally what I find offensive about the new costume is that America does not respect it’s own works of art. Changing the costume is in many ways like painting a smile on Mona Lisa. (Orginally Superman’s costume was made on earth in the comic books)

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