1. gameoverhorseface

    ya’ll should show some un-shopped foto’s..
    the same 3 sets of foto’s have been circulating for the last year now ..
    lots of black outline around the figures & always the shadow under the jaw to create a neck ..
    since hontag has such short tinylegs they must always be camoflaged …
    to see the 2 of them in real life is something you’ll never forget ..they are super tiny ..
    he’s a midget with a square head & eyes too close together ..
    i can’t even describe her ..
    she’s the same height standing up as she is sitting down …
    the boobs are the least of her prob’s …
    her head & face is way too big for the body
    she’s as ugly as sin and on the inside too..
    there was never any reality show in the works…
    they are both banned from television & certainly you must be aware of that …
    they tried to press serious false charges & now nobody will touch them …
    not nice people ..
    whatever reality they’re doin is from splatt’s cell phone ..
    & their only choice now is porn ..
    & i doubt they will be good at that..

  2. looking at you

    Heidi is acutally looking like the old Heidi and not so plastic like!

  3. llllllllll

    How can you have so much surgery and still look like a horse face?

  4. Ego

    bah.. she’s so hot.. what a waste

  5. Skroonk

    Shit those tits are gross – money wasted; like the air wasted by her and her husband.

  6. JubeJubes

    she looks 30

  7. susana

    the are so fake!!!! always trying to show candid photos but obviously the paparazzi wont enter the jet wit them!!

  8. Aims

    Grossness… She’s ugly – I’m sorry but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to look like her. She reminds me of tori spelling now…

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