1. HOT

    Man I would piihb…still

  2. Larry Rivers

    i want to fuck the shit out of her while spencer is hogtied in the corner of the room
    i want to stick my tongue in her ass
    i want to and i don’t know why
    i think she is gross
    but still
    i want to fuck the shit out of her

  3. sborraInBoca

    This big-titted plastic bitch has got some seriously hot legs.

  4. Larry Rivers

    I was just kidding

    I’m actually gay and want to eat Spencer’s bleached asshole

  5. JOHN

    all u people r sick

  6. JOHN

    no matter what she deserves some respect as a stop it
    she will be some ones mother on day and how would you like
    someone talking about your mother in this manner.

    • Mr.Penny

      think what the kid would be like and the upbringing, its better this never happens than to put the child through what will surely be a torturous and soul twisting experience. When the kid will grow up he/she will be the god of the douches in the world – super douche
      we must create and organization that prevents this from happening

    • philipp

      once u get implants u cant breastfeed

  7. Mr.Penny

    plus @ Larry Rivers – id also tap that shit

  8. Really??

    does she seriously only own one piece of clothing??? she has worn this dress in every single pic on this website

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