1. Valentines Day is when?

  2. Heidi has done so much cosmetic work, at such great expense it would be a shame to let all that go to waste. I’d drill my schlong into those engorged fish lips of hers until I heard her gag reaction. I’d flip her over and then pound my schlong into her dirt tunnel, ( I hear from good authority that Heidi likes it up the poopchute… ). The only problem is, she is so plastic, it would be like bouncing on a Suzy Blow-up doll with three avaliable orifices. I would still ream all three of her mosit wet openings until she lay there gaspng and whimpering. Heidi, call me. You’ll enjoy it.

  3. edje

    doe die kleren uit geile snol

  4. hosefacemidgetporn

    hahahaa that’s hilarious with the zoom lens & shopped to hell foto’s desperately trying to make them teeny tiny legs look long & a ‘shopped in neck where she ain’t got one muahahaaa ..
    thanks for the bellylaugh i’m dyin’ ..
    she is a sick mutha skank ewwwww lawwwwwwwd so desperate ..
    it’s pathetic ..

  5. Giggity

    I’ve always wondered what Quagmire from Family Guy would look like as a chick, now I know :)

  6. Sangria

    What’s a shame, is that this is as good as it gets after thousands and thousands of dollars. What a waste! She could have given me $5 to poke her eyes out and kept the rest for something more important, like the darkest legal tint on her windows and a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry’s. My girlfriend looks better in the Polaroids I took while she was passed out in her own vomit.

  7. aj

    she is so f***ing ugly. I remember when she was normal and i thought she was kinda pretty but now she just looks so fake that i wouldn’t even want to be around her. does she really think that she looks good cause i think that i have seen dolls that look better than her…. just to name one… raggity ann!! she is so dumb and blows money on that stupid shit when she should be saving it for when she is out on her ass with nothing. cause they networks aren’t gonna keep her around for anything. she ruined that when she ruined her face and married a complete dusch…..yeah that would be you spencer.

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